Is It Efficient to Close Some Vents After HVAC Installation in Atlanta GA?

by | Jan 7, 2016 | HVAC Contractor


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Before HVAC Installation in Atlanta GA, homeowners may be bickering about whether it makes sense to close some vents when the system is in use. One person may believe it’s reasonable to close vents in a room that aren’t in use, for instance, or to close one or two in a room with multiple registers. After all, what’s the point of beinag able to close them if this isn’t supposed to be done? The other person may have heard that the system actually works most efficiently when all the duct work is operated according to its design. Heating and cooling technicians can explain the best course of action in regard to how the ventilation system works.

The person who wants to close off some of the registers has the right idea. Keep in mind, however, that doing this in certain situations may actually cause the system to work harder. It may be advisable to close off the vents in an unused room and close the door, but if cold air from that room is leaking into a hallway or adjacent room, the furnace responds accordingly.

The best course of action when planning for new HVAC Installation in Atlanta GA is to have the technicians address the existing duct work and modify it as needed. If one room located far from the heating system tends to be too chilly, an extra duct pipe and a vent are advantageous. If for some reason the previous homeowners wanted three registers in one room, the technicians can block off one of the duct pipes with a damper if the heating or cooling seems excessive in that area. These projects send more air to the desired locations.

In most cases, the return-air registers should never be closed, since those provide air to the heating and cooling system. If drafty cold air is coming from one of those vents, an HVAC technician should inspect the system and determine the problem at the source.

A service such as O’Callaghan Heating & Air can accomplish all these tasks when they install a furnace or central air conditioning, or both. They also can modify duct work at any time if the older system still works well. Interested homeowners may look at more info on the website.

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