Knowing the Time is Right for New Heating and Cooling in San Marcos

by | Apr 7, 2016 | HVAC Contractor


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Most home heating and cooling systems are designed to offer excellent service for years. Even with maintenance and prompt repairs, the day will come when the old unit needs to be jettisoned in favor of a new one. Here are some of the signs that the homeowner should talk with a professional about the installation of new Heating and Cooling in San Marcos.

Temperature Varies From Room to Room

When the system was performing at optimum levels, the homeowner could go from one room to the next and not sense any difference in the temperature. That’s because the unit was keeping every area of the house at the desired setting. Now, it seems that, even after routine maintenance and replacing some of the parts, variations in temperature are found throughout the house. The only way to recapture that old uniform temperature throughout the house is to invest in new Heating and Cooling in San Marcos.

The Power Bill is Higher

The monthly power bill seems to increase a little each month. Comparing the current bill with the same period last year shows that the rates have not changed. What is different is the amount of energy the system is consuming in order to keep the home at a comfortable level. Since there is nothing unseasonable about the temperature outside, it wouldn’t hurt to ask a professional if now would be a good time to invest in a new unit.

Repairs are More Frequent

Repairs are expected from time to time, but it seems as if the current unit requires more attention now than ever. Looking back, the homeowner realizes that a repair professional has been out three times over a period of four months. Rather than spending more money to keep an older system running, why not start looking for a replacement? In the long run, this approach will be less expensive.

For anyone who wonders if the time has come to purchase a new heating and cooling system, visit¬†domain URL today and arrange for a service call. After the professional inspects the current unit, it will be easier to determine if a repair would add another couple of years to the unit’s life or finding a replacement needs to be a priority.

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