Ready for the Milder Winter Weather? Prep Work That Starts With HVAC Pros

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Air Conditioning Contractors


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Baton Rouge, Louisiana has some of the mildest winters around. In recent years the temperatures have dipped below forty or fifty degrees, but the humidity here still makes it feel quite warm. If you haven’t prepared your heating and cooling systems for these winters, it is time to call and schedule an appointment for HVAC maintenance from Madisonville, LA. These pros will provide HVAC maintenance in Madisonville and neighboring parishes of Baton Rouge.

Check Your Furnace and Change the Filter, If Applicable

Changing the furnace filter keeps the air in your home free of dust and allergens. The last thing you want when you are trying to heat your home at night is an allergic reaction to things floating in the air. The HVAC technician will do a point-by-point inspection of your furnace or other heating appliance and change the filter, if applicable.

Check Your Air Conditioning to Keep It Running During Warmer Winter Days

Only people living this far south know what it’s like to run the A/C during the day and the heat at night. That means that you have to maintain both your heating and cooling appliances. When the pros check your heating appliance, they can check and maintain your cooling appliance at the same time. Cleaning your A/C and refilling any necessary refrigerant will ensure that it continues to run when you need it.

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