Residential Air Conditioning And Heating in Lakeland FL

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Winter is coming to a close and that means temperatures will soon be rising. When the new season comes, many homeowners are going to very disappointed. After months of disuse, many cooling appliances just aren’t ready to face the heat. this is why it’s important to call a local service provider at least twice per year to schedule maintenance visits. Two visits per year should keep most cooling appliances running at peak performance. Older units may need more frequent visits and additional repairs. Service providers can also replace older units that aren’t running as effectively or reliably as they once did. Homeowners can call their local service provider for air conditioning and heating in Lakeland, FL and schedule their appointment for any time. Calling ahead is always recommended for those who don’t want to wait for service during peak seasons.

There are three major parts of a home cooling system that should be checked during each visit. The appliance should be checked for mechanical and electrical issues that could prevent the unit running properly, or at all. The wires coming in and out of the unit will also need to be checked. Faulty wires can cause the unit to run less efficiently. If the wires are damaged, they could be a fire hazard that puts everyone in the home at risk. The final part of the system to be checked is the duct system. Moving air in and out of the home is much harder if the ducts have holes and gaps in them. Thermal leakage forces the appliance to work much harder and waste a considerable amount of energy.

Preventative care can keep the appliance running efficiently, saving the homeowner money throughout the year on energy costs. It’s also a good idea to stay appraised of the overall condition of the unit. Knowing when it’s time to replace an older appliance will give the homeowner plenty of time to save up or arrange for financing.

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