Use Reliable Air Conditioning Services in Cape Coral FL and Avoid The Extreme Florida Heat

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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One of the things about the Florida climate that most people enjoy is the abundance of solar rays. In fact, the beaches of this great state attract visitors from all over the country whose primary purpose is to enjoy lazing about on the beaches and soaking up the sun. However, solar energy can be a two-edged sword and one way that this natural resource causes problems is the heat that gets trapped inside buildings. Even when a building has the perfect indoor temperature, there can still be issues with heat. For instance, heat can get trapped in the attic spaces and lower the efficiency of the appliances that cool the home. One solution to this dilemma is to invest in air conditioning services in Cape Coral, FL. Annual maintenance can lower operating expenses and decrease any chance of mechanical failure.

For example, an AC generates condensation as a side effect of heat transfer. If this does not sense, then consider the fact that all refrigeration systems are based on heat pump technology. In many instances, a chemical refrigerant is compressed to the point that a state change occurs. This produces a reduction in its temperature. Sometimes it drops so much that condensation collects around the evaporator coil and mixes with any grime on it. The result is a thick muck that inhibits the flow of thermal transfer through the metal of the coil. Needless to say that restrictions such as these can lower the efficiency of comfort equipment or result in expensive repairs. Experts in air conditioning services in Cape Coral, FL can help by cleaning vital components.

Another area where the AC should be checked on a regular basis is its refrigerant. Refrigerant in the appliance serves multiple purposes. The most important of these is the collection of heat so it can be carried outside. This accumulated heat is released through the movement of air passing over the evaporating coil. Keeping this coil free of debris can also help improve efficiency because an overheated condenser cannot remove as much heat. Other areas that may require service are the delivery ducts. Leaking air ducts can be a problem when it comes to the loss of treated air.

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