The Importance of a Yearly Furnace Tune-Up by HVAC Services in Nashua, NH

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Yearly maintenance for heating and cooling systems is something many homeowners just don’t take very seriously. Even if they don’t have the central air conditioner checked over and cleaned, they definitely should call HVAC Services in Nashua NH for a furnace tuneup. The long, cold winters of this region mean that furnaces work very hard for several months and continue to be used intermittently in spring and fall months.

Reasons for the Tune-Up

The annual tune-up by HVAC Services in Nashua NH is important for preventing furnace breakdowns, keeping the system working efficiently, increasing the lifespan of the equipment, and making sure everything is operating safely. Technicians have a long list of items they check and can provide that list to the customer upon request. In addition to the inspection, technicians clean the interior components with a vacuum device and brushes. They make adjustments as needed and replace parts that might fail during the year.

Safety Aspects

The safety aspect is crucial since furnaces generally run on natural gas, propane gas, or heating oil. Fuel emissions produce harmful carbon monoxide fumes that are vented to the outside through a chimney. If the interior equipment becomes cracked due to wear and tear over many years, those fumes can have serious hazardous effects on people and their pets. Technicians from a company such as Harry W. Wells & Son, Inc. also make sure there is no risk of a gas leak into the home.

Preventive Maintenance

The homeowners will be glad they scheduled preventive maintenance appointment in autumn when they hear people they know griping about furnace breakdowns on cold winter nights. They might hear a co-worker mention the emergency fee for a heating technician to come to the house on a Saturday evening and fix the appliance. Another person might talk about how the interior temperature reached 50 degrees in just a few hours on a bitterly cold night.

The fee for the tune-up will cost less than an appointment for repair work, especially if emergency service is required. Homeowners also save money by being able to keep their furnace longer and not having to replace it early. Visit the site to learn about one particular contractor.

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