The Top Causes for Fire Sprinkler Systems Repair

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Fire Protection Services


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Whether you own a large warehouse or an office building, you likely have a fire sprinkler system installed to ward off any potential fires throughout the year. However, all machinery can eventually begin to cause problems, especially if not used or maintained for long periods of time. If you recently spotted a puddle of water on the floor of your building and think it may be cause for concern, you can learn how to spot trouble early by first understanding the common reasons behind fire sprinkler systems repair.

Equipment Failure

Most commonly, fire sprinkler systems repair is needed after an equipment failure somewhere in the machinery of the system. Your sprinklers may begin to leak water and other fire-stopping materials due to a manufacturing or human error. Although there was a recall in 2001 of more than 35 million O-ring sprinklers, millions remain that were not replaced for a number of reasons.

These sprinklers may begin to corrode over time, causing the O-ring seals to leak after exposure to contaminants. Additionally, poor design, installation, or repair can cause the problem, leading to thousands of gallons of water loss of the course of a single year. Only reliable fire sprinkler systems repair work done by highly-trained professionals can ensure that you fix the problem before you experience serious property damage.


A second leading cause of trouble is corrosion, typically caused by oxygen over time as it comes in contact with the sprinkler heads. If you find yourself walking through your building and notice a “rotten egg” odor, discolored water, rusting, or something obstructing the sprinkler, you may have a serious case of corrosion on your hands. You may look for the signs of this problem on your own or you could hire a professional company to examine the system. professional contacted at can actually perform the necessary repairs. You can view their ideas and boards on Pinterest for more information!

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