What to Check Before Calling Air Conditioner Services in Centerville, OH

by | Jun 18, 2019 | HVAC Contractor


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With summer finally here, homeowners across Ohio are beginning to turn on their air conditioning units and take advantage of the cool relief they offer after hot days out in the sun. If the air conditioning unit doesn’t seem to be working at peak efficiency, it’s tempting for many to immediately call their service technicians in a panic. Instead, try these few basic troubleshooting techniques to see if the problem can be easily called prior to calling Air Conditioner Services in Centerville OH to save some money and trouble.

Check the Power

It’s surprising how often service technicians receive panicked phone calls from homeowners during the day who haven’t thought to check their power supply. Make a point of checking the home’s overall power supply, the circuit breaker, and the wiring for the air conditioning unit, itself. If it’s plugged in correctly., the circuit breaker isn’t tripped, and everything else in the home is working as intended, make the call.

Check the Air Filters

Air filters need to be changed regularly to prevent malfunctions. When the airflow gets restricted, it can cause insufficient cooling or, depending on the model, it can even activate a function that turns the unit off so that it won’t be damaged. Try cleaning or replacing the filters if the air flow feels weak.

Check the Thermostat Batteries

Most modern thermostats use batteries. They should be changed approximately every six months, regardless of whether or not they’re still producing power, but most models also have indicators on their displays. Those who aren’t sure how to change the batteries can ask their technicians during a routine service visit.

Check the Windows

It should sound obvious, but the home’s windows need to be closed for the air conditioning unit to provide sufficient climate control. During the beginning of summer, when it’s common for homeowners to switch between opening the windows and turning on their air conditioners, this comes up surprisingly often. If all of the windows are closed and the air conditioner still isn’t keeping the home cool, call air conditioner services in Centerville OH for an inspection.

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